going off on one

alright, forgive me for going off on one… a combination of having to write an essay on the Israel-Palestine conflict, hearing stories of abuse towards innocent young people and seeing a homeless man basically choking to death whilst overdosing on drugs last night plus this MOTHERFUCKING ELECTION have wound me up to the point where my heart is literally hurting.
I refuse to stand by and bitch when I could be challenging people to think more about the real impact of social justice. if you are someone who is able to turn the other cheek – who can ignore the suffering of millions of people not just in the wider world in war-torn countries but in the UK as well, right on your fucking doorstep – then you are FUCKING LUCKY. the fact that you get to prioritise your own financial interest over the fact that there are people fucking dying on the street, that there are children being abused in their homes who have nowhere to go, the fact that you care more about losing a relatively small sum of money to tax than you do human suffering… OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! it is circumstances of luck and privilege that allow you to have these views, nothing more. one tiny event could change your life forever and you could lose that.
turning the other cheek is so prevalent in human history that it makes me burn with rage. reaching out with your hands and your heart, engaging your empathy and doing something worthwhile for your fellow humans – facing the truths that make you uncomfortable, that make you sad – that make you angry – it has never been more necessary. I wish for one moment that more people could engage. we live in a society so focused on personal progression, wealth, and individualism that we have completely forgotten what it is to truly be human.
I’m not saying you “have to” or “should” give fifty quid to the next homeless person you see. but we should ALL think seriously about our own values and suffering. think seriously about whether you really care about frittering away money on pointless bullshit that will never make you happy. to find your cause, to really truly, actively GIVE something – will bring you freedom, joy, humanity… (aka THE ENTIRE POINT OF BEING ALIVE!).
yes, we all deserve to be comfortable and selfish sometimes. I would never suggest that anyone put themselves in any kind of peril to do “the right thing”. life only works when we give and take, when we remind ourselves that we both deserve to receive the kindness of strangers and that it is absolutely imperative to give it. of course it is so much easier to ignore the horrendous aspects of humanity and say, “well I would never do that” – but evil things are not so black and white and obvious.
if you care – which I think the enormous majority of people do – take your focus off of yourself for one moment and think about whether your self-interest really brings you any joy.
if everybody gave back… if everybody engaged with the deep humanity they are capable of… the world would be a better place.
I do not enjoy being confronted with the very real, very present stories of suffering that I hear in my job. they make me feel sad, angry, frustrated, exasperated and heartbroken. but then I remember I can actually make a FUCKING DIFFERENCE – and those emotions ebb away quietly and I feel a deep satisfaction and joy knowing I have given something worthwhile, even if it’s only tiny.
give something – you will be surprised at what you get in return.
gonna go and dunk my head in a bucket of ice now 

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