he grips my arm around the wrist
heavy-knuckled fingers all adorned
with my favourite jewellery,
digging into my sweet skin and
child-like bone.
what a pretty ring!”
I exclaim,
although he cannot hear me
because I am underwater,
and my mouth is so full and
wet, that no sounds can escape.
he grips stagnantly,
with no intention of letting go
and I suppose that I feel safe
even as I feel cold salt water
filling both of my lungs and
the sting of blood where the
silver scrapes and bruises me.
“I’m drowning,
so let me
he doesn’t hear.
I attempt to protest
and scratch away at him with my
free arm, like a crazed
rat in a trap.
he doesn’t let go.
the water is distorting my vision
but I can see his eyes
(which are still
full of hurt,
by the way)
staring down at me through
the slop and crash of waves.
he must be cold
or getting tired, at the
very least.
my legs are thrashing now,
and I know I want to sink
and see the sea-bed.
he seems confused.
does he?
I can’t see.
my wrist doesn’t hurt and
he seems confused.
I breathe a great load of water
it’s all white
is he there?
I can’t see him
there’s no noise
my bracelet
it’s stuck to the jetty
I can’t get it off
where did
he go
I can’t
get it off
he’s gone


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